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Shinka Unity is a unique process to awaken and unleash our infinite possibilities in this lifetime.

By taking a Shinka Unity session, your multi-dimensional meridian lines are permanently re-connected with the earth’s grid lines (ley lines that encircle the planet) and the infinite wisdom of the Universe. This process brings us into unlimited possibilities. Examples of possible effects:

• DNA activationShinkaUnity
• Axiatonal alignment
• Awakening lightbody
• Integrating Chakras
• Releasing old patterns
• Deeper healing
• Clarifying to receive & emanate more light
• Re-balancing and integrating your male/female energies
• Life optimization
• Finding life path
• Balancing and grounding (accepting every experience in life)
• Knowing your true voice
• Simplifying life
• Being one with your soul/higher self and the Universe
• Expanding your consciousness
• Manifesting your vision
• Ultimate inner peace
• Regaining your sense of true self
• Knowing the true nature of your soul


How to receive

Shinka Unity for your fullest potentiality - reconnecting, grounding, expanding and more.

Just lie down on a massage table and relax. While you are there, Lumie draws certain lines and applies the ‘beam’ of the high-dimensional vibration to certain points over your body. You may be deeply relaxed during the session resonating with the multi-dimensional wave.Upon completion of your first Shinka Unity session, you are permanently re-balanced and your Shinka is infinitely activated. It is recommended to take this session when you are at the great moment of a big shift.


Some voices from clients..

♥ “Feeling much easier to meditate.”

♥ “Balanced and peaceful.”

♥ “The world looks so different now.”

♥ “I didn’t feel much during the session and haven’t felt the difference too much myself after the session but everyone says I’m totally different and glowing!”

♥ “I had Shinka Unity a week ago and it’s subtle but I’ve noticed that I have much less fear for everything. Feeling like I’m opened up.”

♥ “My body was moving so much involuntarily yet it was very relaxing. Looking forward to the shift to come.”


Worldwide: accepting sessions & classes online.
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(In-person sessions are available in Tokyo, Japan.)

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