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Learning Reiki is amazingly simple, gentle and easy.Mt. Kurama, Kyoto, Japan - Home Usui Reiki

Being curious and drawn to Reiki (and loving it if you have experienced receiving it already) is almost only pre-requisite. During the half-day class, you receive the attunements from Lumié, Reiki Master Teacher and you can start using Reiki for life. Enjoy Reiki in your daily life – you can apply Reiki to yourself, other people, animals, plants, non-living objects, rooms, environment, and many more. As you take Reiki 2 and 3, it becomes more playful and simple, yet powerful and deepening to support your fullest life.


Reiki 1 * Initiation
Reiki-fy yourself by receiving Reiki 1 Attunements, and start enjoying Reiki to harmonize yourself and everything around you. Learn the simple and effective hand positions/sequence. Start resonating with higher vibration and enhance everything in your life. …more»

Reiki 2 * go beyond time and space with 3 Reiki Symbols
Your Reiki channel is broadened and Reiki goes deeper beyond time & space. Your own purification on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels is accelerated. Start healing your past and bless the future to live in the NOW with greater sense of peace and harmony. …more»

Reiki 3 * Master Symbol for enlightening peace
Fully open your Reiki channel and start feeling yourself more whole and integrated. Feel directly what Usui sensei really wanted to share and live in total resonance with your inner & outer universe. Learn how to effectively communicate with your soul (higher self, true self, pure self) and open to be inspired in every moment. …more»

Reiki 4 Master Teacher * Start transferring Reiki!
If you love Reiki so much you are naturally drawn to this level – learn how to give Reiki Attunements and be ready for sharing the beauty of Reiki further! Simple and straightforward process of Attunements can be learned by anyone. Your personalized Teacher’s kit is included so you can jump start offering Reiki classes. …more»

How To Sign Up:

1) Submit the online form below and
2) Proceed to the applicable Certification Page:
[Reiki 1]  [Reiki 2]  [Reiki 3]  [Reiki 4]
and make a payment for depsit or in full to complete your registration.



* Reiki 1 (group) 4 hrs ………………. $220
Reiki 1 (private) 3.5 hrs … $360

* Reiki 2 (group) 4 hrs ………………. $250
Reiki 2 (private) 3.5 hrs … $380

* Reiki 3 (group) 4 hrs ………………. $350
Reiki 3 (private) 3.5 hrs … $450

* Reiki 4 (group) 4 hrs +follow-up ….. $500
Reiki 4 (private) 4 hrs +follow-up $630

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
* 2-level package: $20 off *
Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 (group): $450 ($470)
Reiki 2 & Reiki 3 (group): $580 ($600)
(+$20 if you did’t take Reiki 1 with Lumie)
* 3-level package: $30 off *
Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 & Reiki 3 (group): $790 ($820)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
(When you apply for Reiki 2+ and if you are new to Lumie’s Reiki Workshops/brushup lessons, please add $20.  You will receive all the essential materials and information for the previous level(s) that we transfer.)

$30 deposit for each group class, or $80 deposit for a private class is required upon signing-up, and you may pay the rest by cash or check on the day of the class.

[Preview pdf for your preparation]
* Upon receiving your Sign-up form above and your payment (either deposit or in full), your registration is confirmed and your Preview file for each level will be ready for download in your ‘My Account’ area.

* If you are new to Reiki (applying for Reiki 1), it is recommended (but not required) to receive a Reiki session before taking a class. (If you are taking a private class, it begins with a private healing session.)

[Cancellation Policy] You may cancel your registration up to 3 days before the class for a refund less a preparation fee of $30.


Thank you for considering taking a Reiki class – I’m looking forward to starting sharing the beauty of Reiki with you! – Lumie


Okuno-in where Master Usui sensei was fasting.

Okuno-in where Master Usui sensei was fasting in 1921.


Lumié has visited Mount Kurama, home of Reiki in Kyoto many times since she became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2002. She has been enjoying transferring this wonderful gift to so many people in New York City.

More Reiki photos on Lumie’s Facebook.


[Details on each Reiki Level]
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