Reiki basics

What's so unique about Reiki?

1) No hard training needed
2) Energy effective for life
3) Empowerment
4) No need for concentration or effort
5) No harmful effects
6) No faith necessary
7) Is an all-purpose energy
8) Can be combined with other healing techniques
9) Transcends time and space
10) Redemption from Karma
11) Leads to Enlightenment

1) No hard training needed: After the transmission of Reiki energy (Attunement) from a Reiki Master, everybody can start practicing Reiki immediately.

2) Energy effective for life: Once the channel to Reiki energy is opened by receiving the Attunement, one will never lose the ability to use Reiki.

3) Empowerment: The Reiki healing power increases as one practices frequently. Reiki energy is inexhaustible.

4) No need for concentration or effort: The necessary amount of Reiki energy flows automatically.

5) No harmful effects: The essence of Reiki is pure light. It never transports negative energy, so the healer will never be adversely affected by giving Reiki treatments and the healee will never be harmed.

6) No faith necessary: Reiki has nothing to do with religion or creed. Its effectiveness does not depend on the belief in Reiki, either.

7) Is an all-purpose energy: Reiki healing can be practiced not just on people, but on both living things (animals and plants) and non-living things (minerals, geographical locations, situations, future events, etc.)

8) Can be combined with other healing techniques: Reiki can increase the effectiveness of conventional medicine, acupuncture, quigong, massage, etc.

9) Transcends time and space: By the use of symbols, Reiki's healing power can be directed to distant places, the past and the future.

10) Redemption from Karma: Reiki can purify mental and physical trauma, and liberate the soul from the effects of one's past deeds. It can also improve genetically predisposed conditions by healing the DNA.

11) Leads to Enlightenment: Reiki's self-purification and meditation techniques will allow the practitioner to be in constant resonance with the universe, and self-realization can be achieved.

Gendai Reikiho Club by Yumiko Natori
Modern Reiki Method for Healing by Hiroshi Doi

Other great Reiki books:

Degrees of Reiki
by Maureen J. Kelly

Reiki Fire
by Frank A. Petter

Reiki: The Healing Touch
by William L. Rand

Other Great Reiki Sites:
Reiki Plain and Simple (Free online manual) by Vincent Amador
The International House of Reiki (Australia)
The Reiki Threshold by Richard Rivard (Canada)

Anybody can learn Reiki. Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master Teacher Training Attunement Certificate classes in New York City. Reiki is a wonderful foundation for anybody to live this time of life fully. Supported with Reiki, you may find yourself realizing everything in a very relaxed way. Take Reiki sessions and Reiki Training for yourself first. When you are fully healed and your vibration is pure & high, you will naturally attract your healees. Enjoy your Reiki Training!

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