Reiki Review and Refresher Attunement
Refresh your Reiki path and deepen your Reiki practice

Refresher Attunement & Review options

Hours Cost
Private Lesson

* Receive a full session from Lumie, Reiki Master Teacher.
* Receive a Refresher Attunement to your current level.
* Give a full session and ask questions.
* Do Hatsurei-ho together and resolve your quesitons.
* (Optional) Practice some of the Usui traditional techniques, review some specific ways and exercise.
2hrs $170
*$210 for the first time if you didn't take your current level at Shinka Reiki/Salon de Reiki.
Refresher Attunement only
* Receive a refresher attunement to your current level.
* Do Hatsurei-ho together and resolve your quesitons.

(You may add this to your healing session or other service.)

15-30min $30
*$60 for the first time if you didn't take your current level at Shinka Reiki/Salon de Reiki.

Who should take the Refresher Attunements? simply effective
Every Reiki practitioner can benefit from the refresher attunement to keep the Reiki channel fresh and clear. It's especially effective if you haven't been practicing much since you attended a class. Also it's great to receive for accelerating your cleansing phase, and to prepare yourself before taking the next Reiki level if you took your current level a while ago (to lessen the drastic shift to your body).

You may simply take the Refresher Attunement if you are busy.
The one-on-one review lesson is a cost-effective and very practical way with a chance to give and receive a full-treatment. It is important to receive Reiki constantly besides doing self-Reiki after being attuned to Reiki especially when you are going through the drastic cleansing period. It is also a great opportunity to receive a full session in addition to the weekly Remote Reiki. All Reiki practitioners of all levels are welcome.
Group Reiki is a time-concentrated and effective way to receive and give Reiki. It feels so deep in a short time when you are receiving.

Sign up
If you took the class/attunements for your current level at Shinka Reiki, simply let me know which option and when you would like to take by e-mail. If you took your current level somewhere else, please send me the following information:

- Which option would you like?
- When would be good for you?
- Your name
- e-mail address
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- Phone number
- Date of birth
- Occupation
- Your current Reiki level
- When and where did you take it?
- How did you reach this Web site?

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