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Degrees of Reikiicon
Degrees of Reiki
by Maureen J. Kelly
Reiki for Lifeicon
Reiki for Life
by Penelope Quest
Reiki Masteryicon
Reiki Mastery
by David Vennels
The Everything Reiki Bookicon
The Everything Reiki Book
by Phylameana Lila Dsy

The Reiki Sourcebook
The Reiki Touchicon
The Reiki Touch
by William Lee Rand

roots of Reiki

Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usuiicon
Original Reiki Handbook
of Dr. Mikao Usui
The Hayashi Reiki Manualicon
The Hayashi Reiki Manual
by Frank A. Petter
Living Reikiicon
Living Reiki
Takata's Teachings

by Fran Brown
The Japanese Art Of Reiki
by Bronwen & Frans Stiene
The Spirit of Reikiicon
The Spirit of Reiki
by Lubeck, Petter, Rand

beautifully introduced Reiki

An Introduction to Reiki:
Healing Energy for Mind, Body and Spirit
The Power of Reikiicon
The Power of Reiki
by Tanmaya Hanervogt

Spiritual companion
The following books are not directly the Reiki books, but they are extremely helpful as spiritually practical guidance and we certainly share the same vibration of the pure, universal consciousness.

Orin/Sanaya & DaBen/Duane series - related link: "Creating Your Highest Future Room"
Orin is a wise and gentle spirit teacher.

Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self (Earth Life Book III)
"You are the healers, teachers, and leaders of this new age. You are here to bring through new information, ideas, healing tools, and love to whatever areas you choose to work in. You will be working in many fields, for the new consciousness needs to be built in every area of society. As you grow spiritually and awaken your inner light, you will become a source of light and awakening for others."
Creating Money: Keys to Abundance (Life Mastery Series)
"Developing any higher quality--be it love, inner peace, well-being, happiness, courage, personal power, or self-respect--will change your vibration and make you magnetic to whatever matches your new vibration. You will become magnetic not only to more money, but to all the forms that will help you express your new level of growth. You will draw to you the things you know you want, as well as having things come to you before you are aware you need them. You will attract things that are better than what you ask for and everything around you will fit who you are."

Personal Power Through Awareness: A Guidebook for Sensitive People (Book II of the Earth Life Series)

Soul Love: Awakening Your Heart Centers (Soul Life Series, 1)

Living With Joy: Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation (Earth Life Series, Book I)

Feng Shui books

Feng Shui Your Lifeicon
Feng Shui Your Life
by Jayme Barrett
Feng Shui in a Dayicon
Feng Shui in a Day
by Barb Rogers
Simple Feng Shuiicon
Simple Feng Shui
by Gina Lazenby
Feng Shui Livingicon
Feng Shui Living
by Sharon Stasney
Feng Shui Styleicon
Feng Shui Style
by Stephen Skinner
Feng Shui for Your Apartmenticon
Feng Shui for
Your Apartment

by Richard Webster

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