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Reiki healing session
Hands-on Reiki session
"I first visited Shinka Reiki in late 2003, when I was feeling very stressed out from work. So I decided to do myself a favor and explore what kinds of treatments were available. I found Shinka Reiki after a short internet search within Williamsburg and made an appointment. While I was unsure exactly what Reiki was, after asking friends (the few who knew), I thought I would try it and see if it worked. Well, that was 16 months ago, and I still remember the way I felt during the first session, not unlike floating in a boat on a calm pond on a sunny day - and the dreamlike imagery that came to mind, being a visual person. I felt amazingly relaxed, and she barely applied more than the pressure of a finger. Worth every penny."
- Peter, New York

"Thank you for the wonderful Reiki session I enjoyed at your home. My energy seems more calm and focused than it has been in some time, and I am very grateful to you. I look forward to my next Reiki session, and I will surely refer people to you. Many thanks."

- Dorothy, New York

"I felt very relaxed after our reiki session. I slept well, and I felt relaxed the next day as well. My body felt looser and my mind more free. Thanks for the very positive experience. I won't forget it."

- Rob, New York

Reiki class
Reiki I
"We just want to send you our gratitude for the beautiful gift you have given us in Attuning us to Reiki. As a couple in love, this experience has brought us closer and connected us more deeply than before. We now share a peaceful harmony and light which we will in turn pass on to others in healing and love. As channels of Reiki we feel more relaxed and positive in our outlook. Thank you for this wondeful natural healing energy."
- Conor & Priscilla, New York

Reiki I&II
"Thank you for the opportunity to experience this wonderful way of being. It has completely changed my whole outlook and helped show me what direction to take my life in and how to do it. I was so scattered and out of focus all day yesterday until I did distance Reiki at night.. It was the most powerful Reiki experience I've had so far and really put my whole day into perspective. I was able to deduct that my inability to focus on one project at a time all day was due to the influx of much more energy flowing through my being.. I also made many connections into why I was led to certain things during the day. it was trancendent."

- Matthew, New York

"The first time I went to Shinka Reiki, I was filled with a calm warmth. The space is very full of love and light and she is a very calm person to be around. She made me feel at ease immediately and the initiation was pure pleasure. After the Reiki I initiation, I met with her a few times to exchange Reiki and also met at her place for a Reiki group exchange, which was extremely powerful and quite amazing. After my Reiki II initiation, my energy increased."
- Naomi, New York

Reiki Master Teacher
"I really feel whole and at peace since the attunement.. It has made a profound impact on my practice and understanding.. I feel the energy and can see the symbols much more clearly... It has enhanced my treatments significantly. I really connect with the recievers on more than one plane... Each session becomes more and more fulfilling... "

- Matthew, New York

Anybody can learn Reiki. Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master Teacher Training Attunement Certificate classes in New York City. Reiki is a wonderful foundation for anybody to live this time of life fully. Supported with Reiki, you may find yourself realizing everything in a very relaxed way. Take Reiki sessions and Reiki Training for yourself first. When you are fully healed and your vibration is pure & high, you will naturally attract your healees. Enjoy your Reiki Training!

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