Reiki Certification - awaken your healer-self
Awaken your healer-self
Deeply relaxing and restoring Reiki Healing Session
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Reiki Certification
- awaken your healer-self -

Reiki Online Events

Reiki Group Meditation & Refresher Attunement
for everyone

Meditate with Lumie and REIKI
November 22, 9:30pm EST /6:30pm PST


Reiki Group Classes
(Online Live & recordings)
Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki 3 

(Private Classes are flexibly available.)

Learning Reiki is amazingly simple, gentle, easy and joyful! Anyone who are interested in Reiki can take a Reiki 1 class (group or private) and be attuned to Reiki to activate your healer's hand on the spot. You can start doing Reiki to yourself and others.


Reiki candles
Reiki Healing Session

While enjoying your dreamy state, Reiki makes an instant, direct connection between you and the source of the high-dimensional healing energy from the universe. Reiki can be taken as your deeply restoring power-nap for your total-self!

See Lumie in-person in NYC

 Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate for Healing Sessions
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Join Lumie for Hatsurei-ho, a Reiki way of meditation and breathing practice which Usui Sensei taught for our spiritual growth.  It was traditionally taught for Reiki 2 ("Oku den 奥伝").  You can learn Hatsurei-ho right when you take Reiki 1 and start enjoying it for deepening the way you resonate with Reiki.


More Reiki videos to be added soon- youtube


Welcome to Shinka Reiki at Salon de!

Lumié Aino
Reiki Master Teacher, Multi-Dimensional Traveler/Healer


Everyone is welcome to the online live (and/or recorded) session!

Essence of Reiki
"The natural laws of the great universe and my spirit as a microcosm are always integrated and one."
"The whole universe is within me and I am in the universe."
"The light is within me and I am in the light."
- Mikao Usui, Founder of Usui Reiki Healing System
(from his original "Reiki Ryoho Shishin," Reiki Treatment Guide)

Worldwide: accepting sessions & classes online.
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(In-person sessions are available in Tokyo, Japan.)

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