Reiki Certification - awaken your healer-self - Be attuned by attending a group or private class in NYC or get attuned one-on-one with Lumie by Skype!

Reiki Certification
- awaken your healer-self -

Reiki Group Classes
Reiki 2 ♦ Sun. 6/5, 1-5pm
Reiki 3 ♦ Sun. 6/19, 1-5pm
at TRS,
40 Exchange Place, 3rd Fl.
New York, NY 10005

Reiki 1+2, available.
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(Private Classes are flexibly available.)

Learning Reiki is amazingly simple, gentle, easy and joyful! Anyone who are interested in Reiki can take a Reiki 1 class (group or private) and be attuned to Reiki to activate your healer's hand on the spot. You can start doing Reiki to yourself and others.

Sound Healing Meditation
《Samadhibowl & InfiniTravel》

May 26, 7-9pm at CRS, Union Sq.


Reiki candles
Reiki Healing Session

While enjoying your dreamy state, Reiki makes an instant, direct connection between you and the source of the high-dimensional healing energy from the universe. Reiki can be taken as your deeply restoring power-nap for your total-self!

See Lumie in-person in NYC

 Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate for Healing Sessions
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Join Lumie for Hatsurei-ho, a Reiki way of meditation and breathing practice which Usui Sensei taught for our spiritual growth.  It was traditionally taught for Reiki 2 ("Oku den 奥伝").  You can learn Hatsurei-ho right when you take Reiki 1 and start enjoying it for deepening the way you resonate with Reiki.


More Reiki videos to be added soon- youtube


Welcome to Shinka Reiki at Salon de!

Lumié Aino
Reiki Master Teacher, Multi-Dimensional Traveler/Healer


Everyone is welcome to the online live (and/or recorded) session!

Essence of Reiki
"The natural laws of the great universe and my spirit as a microcosm are always integrated and one."
"The whole universe is within me and I am in the universe."
"The light is within me and I am in the light."
- Mikao Usui, Founder of Usui Reiki Healing System
(from his original "Reiki Ryoho Shishin," Reiki Treatment Guide)
40 Exchange Place, 3rd Fl.
(near Wall St. stop on ②③④⑤)

New York, NY 10005
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