(All sessions are online with Lumie by Zoom or Skype)
(In-person sessions available in Tokyo by request)

Receive your session where you can totally relax from anywhere in the world.  One of the benefits of receiving it online is that your environment can be filled with Reiki as well – …more>>
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1hr/US$188, 1.5hrs/US$255


Reiki Refresher Attunement (for all Reiki Practitioners)
– Receive a Refresher Attunement to your current level
– Practice some of the Usui traditional techniques   …more>>
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1hr/US$222, 2hrs/US$333


(All sessions are one-on-one online with Lumie by Zoom or Skype)
(In-person private classes available in Tokyo by request)

Reiki 1 (Usui Reiki Level I) – Reiki will start flowing through your hands right after your first attunement.  …more>>
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Reiki 2 (Usui Reiki Level II) – Featuring 3 Reiki symbols including the one for remote healing.  …more>>
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Reiki 3 (Usui Reiki Level III) – Learn the 4th, Reiki Master symbol and live with it.  …more>>
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Reiki 4 (Usui Reiki Level IV) – Reiki Mater Teacher
Master the Attunement process and receive your customized Reiki Master Kit to start transferring Reiki to others.  …more>>
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