Reiki 1 Certification (Online Private)

Reiki 1: Gentle step to let Reiki flow through you

What you’ll learn and receive:

  • Reiki 1 preview (pdf) upon signing up
  • Reiki overview, history and modern Reiki
  • Four Reiki 1 attunements (initiations/activations)
  • Basic and effective hand positions
  • Reiki treatment practice (self-Reiki & group Reiki)
  • Hatsurei-ho (Reiki way of breathing & meditation exercise)
  • Practical Reiki application for everyday life
  • Original Reiki 1 handbook
  • Receive Reiki 1 Practitioner Certificate

Ongoing sharing & support:

  • Remote Reiki Circle (Reiki 2, 3 and Masters send/receive, Reiki 1 & guests receive) (free)
  • (new) Refresher Attunement (online)
  • Practitioners’ Reiki Skillup party
  • Reiki Refresher Attunement & Lesson

Reiki is a gift from the universe and Reiki [natural healing system] is amazingly simple and pure. In the form of hands-on healing with Reiki 1, practitioners channel the natural, universal life force energy to receivers to let them gradually and profoundly remember their true, healthy state of being. Reiki flows effortlessly once you are attuned to it by a Reiki Master. A Reiki treatment session is relaxing, meditative and refreshing for both receivers and practitioners. By letting Reiki flow through you, you will become more and more honest to your true self and physically healthy, having more profound peace of mind. It goes well with everything you do, especially all kinds of body work, healing, creative work, and performing arts.

Reiki 1 is the first, gentle step of the four Reiki degrees. Right upon the first attunement, your Reiki path opens and you can immediately start applying Reiki to yourself, others, animals, plants, and also non-living things around you to gently harmonize the vibration. During this class, you’ll receive four attunements. Between the attunements, you will learn the basic/Shinka-featured hand positions, and practice self-Reiki and group Reiki.

After the class, you are encouraged to do self-Reiki & Hatsurei-ho everyday for at least 21 days to fully familiarize yourself with the flow of Reiki (You may take Reiki 2 within the next 21 days and continue doing so after your Reiki 2).


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